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This alone will give you a very good sense of how online dating really works.

From April 12 to April 2, 2021, 8 live webinars on the online dating course will take place, where you can ask your individual questions and get really helpful answers.

In addition, you will become part of a small, conspiratorial success circle that intensely encourages and challenges you to celebrate real measurable success in online dating. (Namely a good profile, sparkling chats, real dates and hot sex.)

To deepen your knowledge, you have lifelong access to all course content and all videos that Samuel has ever produced for strengthening masculinity.

8 weeks mastermind, in which you set and achieve your goals step by step in a small, conspiratorial community of men (value 395 €)

All participants in the live meetings are networked with one another in a secret online dating Facebook group. Here you could support each other and ask questions about acute concerns (value 47 €)

7 chat logs from Samuel personally, through which you can learn directly what is possible and how you can get a woman on a date (value 47 €)

You will immediately receive your access data for the member area and can get started right away. All modules, tasks and extras are available to you right from the start.

Bonus 1: You get exclusive access to all online dating YouTube videos that Samuel has ever published (and that are no longer online). That is over 3 1/2 hours of additional highly compressed bonus material. (Worth 97 €)

Bonus 2: You get access to Be Free. Be horny. Be man! Facebook group. A community of men who support you and regularly challenge you to grow beyond yourself. (Worth 97 €)

Since I took the course 4 weeks ago, I had a few teething problems and learning experiences for the first 2-3 days. But then everything went like clockwork: 3 times a week sex with different women. The “Samuel” method is pretty tough.

Before that it was completely unthinkable! Now I wonder if sex is all I want. The girl I’m about to meet would definitely have a chance of something long-term with me, I have to be clear again.

P.S. The reason why the photo here is so good is that I am using the tips from the course correctly. Thank you Samuel!

Danger! This course will be withdrawn from the market on 02/07/2021. All participants continue to have lifelong access to all course content. However, you will never be able to receive it again after 02/07/2021.

When Samuel came to us in 2017, he brought immense knowledge and hands-on experience in online dating. He had previously met countless women over the Internet and had sex with around 200 of them.

He had developed a method that made meeting sexy women on the Internet about as easy as ordering Christmas gifts on Amazon.

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